Oddly Descriptive Tasting Notes

September 27, 2017


While tasting some olive oil during my recent trip to Italy, I compared it to leaving a green tea bag to steep for too long. My tasting buddy responded, "Yeah! It does. That's strangely descriptive." I shared a few more tasting quotes, she shared a few with me, and we were both very amused.


That evening I got to thinking, which can sometimes be dangerous, why not share some of the most bizarre tasting notes I have said or overheard with our SAB readers? This could be fun! If anyone would find this entertaining it would be you guys. As part of the beverage industry, we are consistantly exposed to new and interesting expressions of spirits and are expected to taste the nuances that make spirit A different from spirit B, meaning the possibility for absurd comments are limitless.


So follow us on Instagram @spiritanimalbeverage as we share some of the most entertaining #OddlyDescriptiveTastingNotes we come across with you. And if you come across some funny tasting descriptions, please DM us and we will share them on our page.

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March 14, 2018

February 20, 2018

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